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One of our workers recently left the company. How do we provide access to his successor?

If your company has a license for one or more users and if you wish to transfer the access of a worker to their successor, you can do so under Setup > View my account > Manage users. To do this you must be a Tropimed administrator.

  1. See instructions
    1. Go to Setup (in menu at top of page, on right)
    2. Click on View my account, then Manage users
    3. Click on Change request on the line of the user whom you wish to replace [Fig. 1]
    4. Enter the name and the email address of the new worker [Fig. 2]
    5. Click on the box "Administrator" if you wish to make the new user a Tropimed administrator
    6. Click on Save to send your request to Tropimed Customer Service

    This change will become active within 24 business hours.

    Figure 1

    Figure 2

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