• Epidemics monitoring and distribution maps

    A large number of disease maps (world distribution maps, maps of malaria-endemic regions) are available at any time.
    Epidemiological news and changes in recommendations are published weekly on the Internet and, if needed, immediately shown on maps.

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  • Vaccination plans

    Complete "Vaccination plans" can be created automatically according to departure dates and chosen itineraries. These can be modified and adapted by health professionals.

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  • Personalised travel reports

    "Travel reports" provide summaries of recommendations based on chosen itineraries and travelers' handouts. They may be supplemented by documents you select and once drafted, they can be saved and sent by email.

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  • Tropimed

    A comprehensive travel medicine database with daily updates

    Tropimed software is an absolutely essential tool for healthcare professionals working in travel medicine. In addition to providing specific data on 231 destinations around the world,

    Tropimed is a vast resource for practical information: maps that illustrate the spread of certain diseases as well as complete information on vaccination and preventative measures.

    Companies and organizations can also order the Enterprise Edition, which provides a version that can be customized to meet their specific needs.

    Tropimed is available online.

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  • Outbreak News

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      • Trial version

        The evaluation version that you can use and test is the complete version of Tropimed. It thus includes all features of a licensed copy but the evaluation version will expire after 30 days of use.